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My vision is to have an interior match the user exactly. All personal aspects must be recognizable when you enter the space, creating a completely authentic look. You as a customer are therefore central to me, not only the wishes and requirements are important to look at, but also the customer as a person.

You can contact me for many types of questions within the interior. For example, I am happy to help you with personal color advice and advice on a new kitchen or bathroom. But also when redesigning the entire interior. Think of complete interior advice including floor coverings, window coverings and wall and ceiling finishes. Besides private I also take on business projects, for example for office and catering furnishing.

Good collaboration between, for example, architects, interior designers and landscape architects results in an optimal project, because they can reinforce each other with their own expertise. That's why I like to roll up my sleeves when it comes to a collaborative project, whether it's designing a space or styling.

Furniture and material advice

For the furniture and material advice I make a new design for the room concerned with the existing furniture, new or a combination of both. An advice is shaped by a composition of images of the furniture, lighting and color and material samples.

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Color advice

Color is an important element when advising and furnishing a room. In addition, design, structure or texture and the choice of materials play a major role in the appearance of an interior, but color is more noticeable than the shape.

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By choosing a custom interior, you automatically choose to be distinctive from others. Because with customization, the personal wishes are listed and a design is made that matches them.

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Lighting and electrical plan

Lighting is an important part of the interior. Special places, elements or objects in the room can, for example, be accentuated with spots. And where in the room is extra light needed to work? This can be reading and writing, or working in the kitchen.

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Product Advice

In the first instance, this is intended to keep out sun, i.e. light. But sun protection has even more functions. One of these is light control where you can respond to the excess of light that enters the room.

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For any interior advice, it is necessary to analyze the design proposal in detail for its sense of reality and therefore also for feasibility. To visualize such an analysis, floor plans are drawn with wall views and perspectives in order to gain a better spatial insight into the new situation.

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